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Town balance and 6.4 update

We've transfered the guild Trust to Elvine and now the server is much more balanced. We've also updated to 6.4 which includes many fixes and improvements, such as:
  • Fixed a few client crashes
  • Changed events to be more balanced and fun. Heldenian also starts at different times depending on the week.
  • Reduced bow stun rate
  • Majestics are now purchasable at the Cash Shop

Click here to see the full list of changes.

Posted by Cleroth at 2015-05-13 16:17:40

Olympia launch and updates

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on the website, we have been pretty busy since the launch, dealing with a large amount of players and updating the game. We had a pretty successful launch, peaking at up to 411 players online (see this screenshot!).
Unfortunately there have been some issues lately which may be the cause of the population decreasing a bit. We are working on the following issues at the moment:
  • Town balance. Aresden has almost always have had more players than Elvine since the start of the server. We have designed a system to make it more easily to move players and guilds and we will be using it as soon as possible.
  • Event imbalance. This is made worse when a town has more players than the other. We are working on making events more fair for both sides when either side has more players, while also making it more fun.
  • Cheating in the form of sound and sprite editing/swapping. We are going to be providing security measures to prevent this kind of cheating and ban players who persist on using them after being warned.
  • Bows being far too strong, making it very easy for a couple of wars to quickly beat mages from far away.
  • Client crashes and other annoying bugs which we have fixed or are working on fixing for the next patch.

Stay tuned as we will update the site more often with news of what we are doing and the status of the server.

Posted by Cleroth at 2015-05-08 16:15:47