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Beta server and wipe within a few months (11th October, 2014)

Due to a large amount of players asking for a wipe and a steady decline in our playerbase we have decided that we will be wiping Olympia and starting afresh within a few months. It has been a hectic and fun run, specially the very first few months.
For now, we have upped a beta server where we will be testing new features and balances that will be in our next iteration of Helbreath Olympia. We're currently testing 800x600 resolution, market system, and Heldenian. We really encourage people to read the beta forum post here, which is kept up to date on the state and progress of the beta on a regular basis.

Balance and (no) wipe (15th March)

Hello everyone. Due to the increase in player activity in the last 2 months we've decided to not wipe. We will be doing more iterative updates rather than waiting for the 6.0 update. You should be seeing Heldenian and some quality of life improvements and fixes soon. Additionally, due to the town imbalance during automated events, the auto-balance in these has been enabled.

Olympia future (29th August)

Recently there's been other servers which have launched and a vast majority of players have chosen to either play elsewhere. I take this as a sign that Olympia has become less enjoyable than its concurrency, or that it's become stale. The population has also decreased dramatically (also partly due to DDoS attacks, and the bugs/crashes caused by the network rewrite).
For this reason I believe the best choice for Olympia's future is to new and fresher updates, with, most likely, a wipe and a beta with lots of new features.
I'm not going to lie that the most interesting moments I had with Olympia was during its first beta and the first few months of its launch. I believe Helbreath has evolved a lot through Olympia, and will continue to do so. There were lots of experiences, tests, and features which have helped decide where we want Olympia to go. In a way, I feel relieved that our players are having fun elsewhere rather than being bored at Olympia, while its population is low, or when it will be in next beta.
To be honest it's quite a bit more interesting to do updates for a wipe, add there is no restriction whatsoever in what can be implemented/experimented with. Part the reason Olympia was so successful at the start was due to that careful preparation and the malleable grounds that the beta provided, in which players could easily point out what they like and what they didn't like, and then those were promptly changed.

I'll update you guys later with additional news of what's to come. Stay tuned.

Olympia back online (8th August)

Olympia is now back online! For people using a TCP proxy, make sure you're also proxying UDP, as the game server now runs in UDP (outbound port 6334), otherwise you will not be able to get past the character selection screen. (fixed).
There may still be some players unable to get past the character selection screen. We're currently working on fixing that.

5.3 update - Network improvements and minor fixes (7th August)

The new 5.3 Olympia update features an entirely new network engine, which should greatly improve game fluidity, specially in large fights and to prevent lag spikes. I believe this has been a very needed update for long and shall work as a stepping stone for the next updates in order to make Helbreath fun and smooth. It's specially useful to know whether we should keep this engine or revert back to the old engine to avoid spending unnecessary time with the new engine if it doesn't work out. However, I do believe this new engine is superior in nearly every way, so the likelihood of reverting back to the old engine is unlikely. Note however that since there was a very large amount of code modified and rewritten, there may be bugs and even crashes, but I believe this should be well worth it in the long run. We will address these bugs and crashes as soon as (in-)humanly possible. Feedback is important, so I urge all players to fill out the network poll located here and also in-game by typing "/netpoll".

Additional feedback or comments on this matter can be posted on the forums. The other minor fixes applied to the game can be viewed here.

5.2 update - Event Token prizes, windowed mode, etc. (28th April)

We've updated the game with a few things to spice up the game while waiting for 6.0, such as the fragile rare weapons rewarded with Event Tokens. Click here to view the full list of changes.

6.0 will be here soon, with a lot of fun features!

Information on upcoming updates (11th April)

Helbreath Olympia is still here and we are still working on fun updates which will spice up the game and give players many new objectives.
These are some of the major changes that will be in Olympia 6.0:
  • PvP arena with many features, such as ranked leagues (1v1, 2v2, 4v4), custom matches with fully-customizeable rules, etc...
  • Achievements with rewards on milestones
  • In-game market system (auctioning items, offers, ...)
  • Heldenian
  • PvM changes (new elite monsters)
  • Other smaller custom events

There's work done in all these, but none is finished. It might still be some time before these are finished, and this is why we have opted to provide a smaller update (5.2) before those are finished. The main objective of this smaller update is to provide a system for events to be hosted and rewards to be given. Click here for more information on the 5.2 update.

5.1 update - Windows XP fixes, etc (30th January)

The compatibility issues with Windows XP should now be fully fixed. Other major changes include improvements to Capture the Relic event, changes to Dexterity and Magic Hitratio, Hero Cape Catalyst, etc... Click here to view the full list of changes.

Halloween update - 5.0 update (30th October)

Beware at night! For those that are brave enough, they may find their efforts rewarded.
The first drops have been greatly increased again. Click here to view the full list of changes.

Drop rate increase - 4.14 update (17th September)

We have increase the drop rate on first and second drops for the new 4.14 update! Click here to view the full list of changes.

New Support Center (12th September)

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we are now using a support center using a ticket system. The support center is located here, and also found in the Contact section of this website.

Olympia 4.13 update (28th August)

Olympia updated to version 4.13. Click here to view the full list of changes.

Olympia 4.12 update (19th August)

Olympia updated to version 4.12. Click here to view the full list of changes. We are working on fixing some minor bugs related to the update such as black screen glitches.

Olympia 4.11 update (8th August)

Olympia updated to version 4.11. A lot of important fixes are in this update. Click here to view the full list of changes.

Monster Drops List (24th July)

The monster drops list was added to the website. You can find it on the left menu or by clicking here.

Recent EKs log (23rd July)

We have added a new Recent EKs Log. You can now check for recent EKs done on Olympia as well as look up a player's recent EKs.

Olympia 4.8 update (22nd July)

Olympia updated to version 4.8. A lot of important fixes are in this update. Click here to view the full list of changes.

Olympia is online!

Olympia is finally online! Check out some of the screenshots from the launch:

Official launch is at 3:00 PM CT (UTC-5) 18th, July

Chicago: 3:00 PM CDT (UTC-5)
Buenos Aires: 5:00 PM (UTC-3)
London: 9:00 PM (UTC+1)
Madrid/Warsaw: 10:00 PM (UTC+2)

You do not need to re-download the game if you played the beta. The launcher will update the game accordingly.

Welcome to Helbreath Olympia

In a culmination of years of development, we're proud to present Helbreath Olympia. Hosted on a high speed, low latency dedicated server. We offer a feature-filled, balanced and continually-updated fast-paced MMORPG.

Here's just a few of Helbreath Olympia's features:

  • Maximum level of 140 and Max stats of 200
  • High level of optimization and performance enhancements provide the fastest and smoothest Helbreath experience ever.
  • Unique events like Capture the Relic, Destroy the sheild, and Illusion FFA. Classic events like Crusade and Apocalypse. New events being developed.
  • Brand new and unique to Olympia: An anti-pulling/disconnection feature to eliminate "pullers" once and for all.
  • New Mailing system with item attachments
  • New Item Socketing System
  • Unlimited party size, with features like position shown on minimap, Auto-accept, Fast join, and Ping to direct teammates in combat.
  • All-new Guild features like Guild Warehouse, Ranks, Messageboards, Raid master, Hunt master, and Guild Summoning.
  • Many new in-built settings to customize your gameplay within the Extended Menu in the System Menu (F12)
  • Ctrl+Click on minimap to set next recall location in town. Ctrl+Z to toggle pits displayed on minimap. Ctrl
  • Chat Log System: Click once on Chat Type to toggle display, double click to display that Chat Type only.
  • Many more features. Give it a try and see for yourself!